Pack of 16 templates for coffe cappuccino
Pack of 16 templates for coffe cappuccino
Pack of 16 templates for coffe cappuccino

Pack of 16 templates for coffe cappuccino

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  • Have you ever wanted to create great designs on drinks for your kids, your friends or just
    yourselves? Then these little gadgets could provide you great fun and whole different day.

    Do it by yourself!~ and you can enjoy the delicious and pleasing fancy drinks at home! 
    Usage: the selected pattern printing die on issues such as: milk foam latte, cappuccino or top of the cake. 
    Next, it will be equipped with cocoa powder, cinnamon, chocolate powder, green tea powder fine mesh sieve flour, shaking to sprinkle on the printing mode. 
    Then, the withdrawal of flour sieve, remove the printing die, so that the surface of coffee or cake will leave you a nice graph 

    food-grade plastic 
    Pattern: As the picture 
    Size: approx. 8.5*13.1cm / 3.35*5.16" 
    Package Included: 16pcs Coffee Template 

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