Laser Skin Mole And Dark Spot Remover
Laser Skin Mole And Dark Spot Remover
Laser Skin Mole And Dark Spot Remover
Laser Skin Mole And Dark Spot Remover
Laser Skin Mole And Dark Spot Remover
Laser Skin Mole And Dark Spot Remover
Laser Skin Mole And Dark Spot Remover

Laser Skin Mole And Dark Spot Remover

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  • About the product

    SAFE TO USE : Removar spot without burning the normal skin and blooding, high-tech and electric ion carbonation functions can instantly sweep freckles, age spot, flat moles and etc.
    3 MODES : There are 3 different output powers, the lower level is used on spot and freckle, the stronger level is used on mole and skin tags.

    REPLACEABLE NEEDLES : Professional mole removal device - It comes with 5 fine needles and 1 coarse needle which is perfect for tattoo spot freckle fleshy nevus pigment. It use new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency

    CONVENIENT : USB Rechargeable, convenient to carry, eraser pro,charge once can work more than five hours.

    WARRANTY : - 100% satisfaction guaranteed! whatever issue of the product, please feel free to contact us, we will get the issue settled as soon as we can.
    YRYM HT Spot Eraser Pro adopts latest high technology; helps you to remove variety skin tags, spots, freckle, mole, wart etc effectively and instantly without hurt and bleeding. Easy and Safe to use. It will improve your skin and change your life!

    Kindly Reminder:
    1. Before use the device on your own skin, please practice on pigskin until you are familiar with it. 
    2. Before use, wipe the pinhead with alcohol for disinfection and clean the skin to be applied with the alcohol at the same time.
    3. Use the speed lower than level 2 to remove the shallow freckle with the small area, while the speed above level to remove the bad freckles in the area. (Do not pierce the skin)
    4. During the using process, gently sweep back and forth with a small strength, can not stay in a place too long for the carbonization. It is better to sweep flat, so as not to burn to the dermis.
    5. The dark freckles near eyes, it is recommended to carbonize for 3-5 times. When the freckle layer is relatively thick, tilt the pen tip and use the low speed level for multiple operations.
    6. Large and hereditary syringoma are recommended to be treated in hospital.
    7. Do not clean the affected area with strong alkaline washing or scrub. 
    8. During the recovery period (1-3 months), do not eat spicy food, keep a healthy lifestyle. Do not use your hands to scratch when the scab itch. 
    9. When out of service for long period, it should be stored in a dry and cold place. 

    Package Included: 

    1 x Skin Tag Removers Pen
    1 x Big Needles
    5 x Small Needles
    1 x USB Line
    1 x Instructions
    50x Cotton Swabs 

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