ICE GENIE : Ice Cube Maker
ICE GENIE : Ice Cube Maker
ICE GENIE : Ice Cube Maker
ICE GENIE : Ice Cube Maker
ICE GENIE : Ice Cube Maker
ICE GENIE : Ice Cube Maker
ICE GENIE : Ice Cube Maker

ICE GENIE : Ice Cube Maker

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    Just fill and chill!!

    The Revolutionary Space Saving Ice Cube Maker!
    Do your ice tube trays consume most of your freezer's space? It's even harder to twist and turn just to extract those ice cubes. Now here's a much easier way for that.
    Introducing, the Ice Genie: Ice Cube Maker. It's revolutionary and space saving replacing up to 10 of your traditional ice cube trays that's taking your whole freezer.
    Its double chamber design is what makes it special. Outer chambers freeze the ice cubes while innner cylinder stores them. the Ice Genie: Ice Cube Maker can hold up to 3 batches of ice cubes or 120 cubes in total. AMAZING!
    Simply fill and chill! Fill the outer chamber with water then lift up the inner cylinder and squeeze out the  cubes into the bucket and their ready to use!
    Then, just refill and freeze again for another batch of ice cubes.
    *SPACE-SAVING. Unlike the traditionnal ice cube trays, this Ice Genie can hold batches of ice cubes all at the same time.
    *SAFE AND FBA Free. Made with quality silicon material.
    *Odor-Free Ice. Air tight lid keeps your cubes fresh and free from your unwanted freezer odor.
    *Use it to keep bottles cold or even want it to fill with ice cream.
    *Dishwasher safe. It's also fine to just rinse it off after each use if not dirty or smelly.

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